Our team is composed of 4 designers and 11 technical designers which accompanies you throughout your projects and ensure its smooth running.

To offer a great service and quality products, our design department use cutting edge equipment, and produce quality 3D designs and high performance renderings.

Your project is born from a reflection, a sketch… We work together to develop a specification that best meets your needs and takes your constraints and personal goals into account.

Once the specifications are established, we work to provide you with ergonomic and aesthetic design solutions in compliance with the standards.

This proposal takes the form of a personalized 3D implementation in realistic rendering that will help you project yourself into your new space.

Our team of technical designers design your furniture in its practical dimension by making detailed plans to allow its manufacture in our workshops.

Our approach is proactive, and our design office has advisory role: it is the partner who will accompany you in your project in its entirety. Our team is committed to bringing you a value-added service in terms of optimization of spaces.

Custom-made products and personalization are the strengths of our design department.